T. Mills Talks Tattoos With A$AP Rocky, Girls Like Boys, Action Bronson + More At Bamboozle (VIDEO)

Besides like, the International Tattoo Convention (if that's a thing), Bamboozle is basically ground zero for all body art ever. Everyone there was rocking some kind of ink, including almost all of our pals who came to talk to us (and T. Mills) this past weekend. And all the tats we saw ranged from the good to the bad to the New York Rangers-inspired.

A$AP Rocky starts us off with his "self-reflective" tat: He's rocking a giant "A.S.A.P." across his stomach. The green-haired Matt Toka surprised us with his mom's name over his heart (awww), while rapper Riff Raff should win employee of the year with his "MTV" tattoo...on his neck! Nick from Bayside showed his team pride with a Stanley Cup tattoo marked by the date the Rangers took home the statue in 1994, but it was our main man Trace Cyrus who wins this competition -- the dude's entire epidermis is plastered in tattoos. He's even got ink on his cheeks (the ones on his face!!!). But his EPIC Geronimo tattoo on his back takes the cake -- it's even more epic than the tat he just got ON HIS HEAD! We're kind of sad we didn't have a trophy for him.

+ Watch T. Mills talk tattoos at Bamboozle, and be sure to peep the rest of our Bamboozle coverage.

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