Target’s 2012 Holiday “Stockin Stuffer” Isle

Every year Target puts out an aisle of under $10 “stocking stuffer” type gifts and toys.   In the last few years they have also been getting some exclusives.  Most stores have done their resets now so we know what is available for 2012.  We knew there would be a 4″ “holiday” Batman figure, a sort of compainion to the 4″ Halloween Batman, and now we get our first look at it.

Other  things available in the 2012 aisle:

Lego Batmobile kit (no minifigure.)

Rose Art Holiday Color Blanks

Star Wars Holiday head-bobbers from Funko

Star Wars Holiday lightsaber lip balm

Marvel Bean Bashers

Squnikies (Simpsons, WWE, Sponge Bob)

and more.

Targ12Xmas1 Targ12Xmas10 Targ12Xmas2 Targ12Xmas3 Targ12Xmas4 Targ12Xmas5 Targ12Xmas6 Targ12Xmas7 Targ12Xmas8 Targ12Xmas9
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