Taylor Lautner’s ‘Grown Ups 2’ Role Revealed

'Twilight' star will play a frat brother in the Adam Sandler sequel, co-star Milo Ventimiglia tells MTV News.
By Josh Wigler, with reporting by Josh Horowitz

Taylor Lautner
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Once upon a time, Milo Ventimiglia was a superhero. No, really!

You remember "Heroes," don't you? His character, Peter Petrelli, had the ability to leach powers from any other superpowered individual he encountered. Now, if those powers actually belonged to Ventimiglia in real life, he would be the proud owner of the most-talked-about abs in Hollywood — because he's about to team up with "Twilight" hunk Taylor Lautner, on a comedy, no less.

During our Sneak Peek Week presentation with the "That's My Boy" cast, Ventimiglia spoke about his upcoming work on "Grown Ups 2," the upcoming follow-up to Adam Sandler's most successful comedy to date. The actor, sporting a bleach-blond hairdo, insisted that he's not "just blond because I took up volleyball" but because he's about to bro down with Sandler and the artist occasionally known as Jacob Black.

"I'm going on to do 'Grown Ups 2,' " Ventimiglia said during the live Q&A, all part of the lead-up to Sunday night's MTV Movie Awards. "I'm [working] with Taylor Lautner. We're playing fraternity brothers. I haven't started [shooting] — I'm heading out the day after tomorrow — but I met him. He's a sweet kid. A very, very nice guy."

Ventimiglia already has one Sandler film in the can, of course. The actor, next seen on Frank Darabont's TNT drama "L.A. Noir," delivers a shockingly hilarious turn in "That's My Boy" as Chad, a hard-nosed military man with a secret passion for tickle times and jazz hands. With that movie hitting theaters June 15 and "Grown Ups 2" on the horizon, Ventimiglia said he truly feels like he's part of the Happy Madison family that Sandler has established over the years.

"I'm in the family now," he said. "The first phone call I got from him, he said, 'Hey, buddy, it's going to be like summer camp.' Summer camp? Summer camp is fun, so if it's anything like that, it's going to be great."

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