Taylor Swift And One Direction’s Harry Styles Take Their Love TATTOOING! (PHOTO)

Haylor goes tattooing!

In case you hadn't noticed, Haylor, otherwise known as the rapidly blossoming romance between Taylor Swift and One Direction's Harry Styles, has been on a series of relatively wholesome dates. They've been to the zoo, gone on a karaoke date, done the "Dirty Dancing" lift (and succeeded), and they were most recently pictured attempting to feed some aggro birds while on a romantic vacay in the U.K. Perhaps the couple got a lil' sick from all those cupcakes Harry got Taylor for her birthday, because now they've moved on to slightly more badass activities, like GETTING TATTOOS.

Harry and Taylor recently hit up Shamrock Tattoo Parlor in L.A. where, as you can clearly see by the giant ship on his arm, Harry was the only one to get inked (Taylor just went for moral support, but we have a feeling it won't be long before the couple returns to get matching treble clefs with hearts in the middle, or something along those lines). Admittedly, we couldn't even begin to guess what Harry's new ship signifies other than maybe being a symbol for Haylor lost in a sea of romance? Is it the love boat? Navigating young love's choppy waters? Maybe Harry really loves The Decemberists and their maritime motifs. Or is a straight-up homage to the "Black Pearl" in "The Pirates Of The Carribean"? Could be anything. Or maybe Harry just really likes boats. England is an island, after all.

Photo credit: Freddy Negrete's Instagram

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