Taylor Swift Dress-Up Watch 2012: She’s Still Doing It (PHOTO)

Taylor Swift is still dressing up on her downtime. We're jealz.

While the rest of the country's little girls who love to dress up end up growing up and squeezing themselves into boring ol' business casual every day, Taylor Swift actually gets to play dress-up as an adult. ALL THE TIME. I was under the impression that celebs were always busy diversifying their stock portfolios or getting massages or Googling themselves, but apparently T. Swift spends 99 percent of her free time with her pals wearing veils and flower hats and stuff. The other 1 percent, obviously, is spent with her cat, Meredith.

We've been on Taylor Swift Dress-Up Watch for a good handful of months at this point, and the "Safe & Sound" singer still isn't sick of it! Hey Taylor, IDK if you know this, but you are a celebrity -- a very famous one, and that's basically like being an IRL Pretty Pretty Princess. You know you can like, call fashion designers, get free clothes and do this outside of your house at movie premieres and red carpet events, right?

Photo credit: @ClaireWinter

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