Taylor Swift Hangs With Sophia Grace & Rosie At Teen Choice Awards AND THERE’S SO MUCH PRINCESS-NESS! (PHOTO)

Taylor Swift visits with Sophia Grace and Rosie at the Teen Choice Awards!

If your life goal is to meet Taylor Swift, how does it feel to know that two tutu-wearing children have already accomplished your goal at the ripe age of eight? Well, then multiply that feeling by two because the infamous little rapping Brits Sophia Grace and Rosie didn't just get the one-time chance to meet her over tea, they also got to chill with Taylor at the Teen Choice Awards! While we're beyond jealz, we're mostly wondering how the two adorable Brits managed to talk their parents into staying out late for the award ceremony -- oh that's right. A night with famous celebs trumps curfew, ALWAYS.

Check out more of Taylor Swift with Sophia Grace and Rosie at the Teen Choice Awards after the jump!

Taylor Swift celebrates her five Teen Choice Award wins with little Sophia Grace And Rosie.

The "Safe And Sound" singer made sure to save time aside from cleaning house by winning FIVE TEEN CHOICE AWARDS to say hello to the famous little "Super Bass" singers. We're just not sure what's more priceless -- that Taylor's dress matches the little girls' (plansies!), or that it looks like Tay's having a real bonding moment with the girls. It's even possible she's offering the secret to her own success. We can only begin to imagine what Taylor's advice would be. Maybe it'd be something like: "If you want to forever win at everything and be rill rill rich like me, remember two things: 1.) Always wear the right shade of lip gloss, and 2.) Share lots of pictures of your cute cat on Twitter -- people seem to really like that." Seems like solid career advice for everyone.

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