Taylor Swift Plays Fetch With Her Cat (Who May Be A Dog) (VIDEO)

Taylor chilling with her cat, Meredith.

At this point it's just getting rude, Taylor Swift. Have you no respect for the integrity of other cat-owner relationships? Do you not get that when you consistently post videos of your cat acting like a human and/or looking like a perfect stuffed animal it makes other cat-owners feel inferior?

We're mainly losing our brains because nothing in this strip-mall-covered nation thrills us more than admiring Taylor Swift and her cat. And today's offering is no exception. Taylor tweetedViddy of herself and Meredith playing fetch -- as in the activity specifically crafted for dogs. Naturally, Taylor is wearing a princess-style sundress (because she's a mythological  nymph made entirely of teardrops and sparkles), and as she throws a treat, Meredith the cat completes her fetching duties like the most brilliant dog you've ever seen. So what have we learned? Taylor Swift is an overachiever, and so is her DAMN CAT.

+ Watch Taylor Swift play fetch with her cat Meredith.

Photo credit:@taylorswift13

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