Taylor Swift Reveals Secrets Behind ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,’ Oozes Adorableness, Relatability On ‘MTV First’

Taylor Swift looked GORG in red on "MTV First: Taylor Swift."

Before walking onto the set of "MTV First: Taylor Swift," I already knew the 2012 MTV VMA-nominated singer was exceedingly tall, blonde, and, and most of all, relatable from having listened to songs such as "You Belong With Me," "Fifteen," and most recently, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." But what really brought the point home was tonight's warm, poised, and personable interview with Taylor Swift herself as she introduced the new video for "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" on "MTV First: Taylor Swift."

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As Taylor chatted with Sway Calloway sitting atop Times Square before a rapt MTV audience, she recalled a key moment in the songwriting process of "Never Ever" that would go on to determine the song's beyond-catchy hook, and subsequent success on the Billboard charts. Taylor recalled that while she was writing "Never Ever" with pop mastermind Max Martin (who helped pen hits for the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, *NSYNC, Robyn, and others), a coworker walked into the room and jokingly mentioned that he knew Taylor's ex (on which the song is allegedly based), and wondered when Taylor and He Who Shall Remain Nameless would be getting back together. To this, Taylor said she angrily responded with a rant, shouting "WE ARE NEVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER!" And then a hit was born.

As she spoke, the 2012 VMA performer sat decked out in bright red (to signify her new album's name and theme), cheerfully smiled and waved to her adoring fans (um, myself included, obviously) in the audience while describing in detail the making of her new video. In what sounds like the recording fete of the century, Taylor described how the "Never Ever" video was shot in entirely one take, and took 17 takes to get it absolutely right. (Aaand I feel incredibly lazy in this moment.) "Any time you see me offscreen, I'm ripping one costume off and putting a new one on. All modesty went out the window," said the singer. While I was left to ponder the sartorial challenges, Taylor went into detail about how she wanted the video "to look as quirky as ["We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"] sounds. So of course that meant a set filled with knitting, woodland creatures, vintage-inspired outfits, a furry costumed backup band. So, in other words, my ideal bedroom.

At one point during the evening, Taylor even welcomed to the stage an adorable (and extremely lucky) little girl named Erin who claimed to be her biggest fan. (I would fight her for that title, but I'm older and bigger and would easily win, so I won't for the sake of fairness.) Also, Erin was wearing a freshly signed red Taylor Swift T-shirt -- so, hat tip to preparedness -- and Erin bravely asked Taylor for her e-mail address. (HUSTLER!) To everyone's surprise, Taylor began typing something out on Erin's phone. Was she ACTUALLY giving Erin her e-mail? I asked the young girl, as one does. "No, but she did give me her website," Erin said. "And I can't wait to tell all of my friends!" Must... resist... jealous urges toward elementary schooler.

And speaking of secrets, Taylor totally alluded to what she has in store for her 2012 MTV VMAs performance, and spilled about how much she enjoyed the behind-the-scene creative process. BUT she wouldn't go into much more detail. OK, Taylor. CONSIDER MY CURIOSITY PIQUED. How many hours is it until the VMAs again?!

+ Watch the "MTV First: Taylor Swift" exclusive interview.

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