Taylor Swift’s Cat Out-Cutes Every Other Cat In The World Once Again (PHOTO)

CONFIRMED: Taylor Swift's cat is crazy cute.

It's not enough that Taylor Swift has the best life ever (see THIS, THIS and THIS), but she also has the cutest/cuddliest/prettiest effing cat in the world. Thankfully, Tay loves to share her cat Meredith's cutest moments -- which is why we know about that one time Taylor explained the ACM voting process to her, or that other time when Meredith made this face.

But it's Taylor's latest Meredith-related tweet that is literally slaying us. Along with the most adorable pic of Mer lazing around in some bizarre cat positions, Tay tweeted: "Meredith in various displays of bad posture. This is happening a lot lately." Sure, sprawling on the couch front-down, head-up may not be the best for Mer's back, but it sure makes for THE CUTEST THING EVER. And if anyone can afford a private "cat Pilates" instructor, it would be Taylor. So if Meredith's posture is really upsetting you, girl, maybe look into a consultation? Or you could just keep letting Mer do her own thing for the sake of the CUTEST INSTAGRAM TIMELINE EVER.

Photo credit: @taylorswift13

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