Tex Murphy Kickstarter funded

Project Fedora joins the growing list of gaming projects made possible by Kickstarter.


Chris Jones will get to reprise his role as Tex Murphy, the film-noir sci-fi investigator, as his studio’s Kickstarter campaign to raise enough funds for a new Tex Murphy adventure have been successful. Big Finish Games has said that Project Fedora will go into production once funding has been secured, and will likely take 12 to 14 months to complete.

The Kickstarter campaign has gained over 5,700 backers to date, and the $450,000 target was beaten with nine days to go. The campaign is set to end on June 16. Big Finish Games set several new targets of 10 percent, 20 percent and 30 percent increase in the funding.

Each percentage increase will allow for more improvements and additions to the game, including bigger environments, as well as ports to both android devices and XBLA. If the 30 percent goal is met, then Big Finish will create the soundtrack to the game with a live orchestra. At press time the fund had reached just over $510,000--113 percent of the original goal.

Like all the games in the series before it, Project Fedora will tell its story through live-action video sequences with the user controlling Tex in explorable 3D environments. The story is also planned to continue where the previous entry in the series, Tex Murphy: Overseer, left off. The game will, according to the developer, be released without DRM.

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