The 15 Most Outrageous Things The Wanted Has Ever Said!

The Wanted sure are naughty little buggers, aren't they?

Boy band dreamboats The Wanted have everybody up in arms over an interview last week, in which the boys, who had recently appeared on "The Voice," said that Christina Aguilera was a "total bitch," "scary," "quite rude," and, in terms of her physical beauty, "nothing special." (For her part, the Great Legendtina has yet to comment. The dudes have since apologized... kind of.)

But the furor surrounding their comments ignores the fact that the "Chasing The Sun" hitmakers have always been a little ballsy when it comes to making public comments, for better or for worse. With that in mind, here's the 15 most OMG-inducing things that the dudes of The Wanted have said, on a diverse array of subjects including boozing, girls and, yes, Simon Cowell's teeth.

The 15 Most Outrageous Quotes From The Wanted:

15. On "Glee" covering "Glad You Came": Tom: "In fact, [Nathan's sister] said before it was even announced, 'If you ever get 'Glee' to cover a song, that means you've made it, so maybe we've made it." Siva: "Boy, was she wrong."

14. On their fan base versus One Direction's: Max: "There's not much competition with One Direction when it comes to screaming girls. We have a lot more 19-year-old screaming men."

13. On the concept for their "Chasing the Sun" video: Jay: "A lot of video directors took it literally and had us running through a desert."

12. On counting Mike Tyson as a fan: Tom: "We're in Vegas for about a week and a half, so I'm going to be calling Mike and getting him to take us around." Jay: "I think our security can have a night off on that one."

11. On Simon Cowell: Jay: "He's got a great tan… And teeth that are immaculate."

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10. On how they're different from '90s boy bands: Tom: "We don't dance." Siva: "No hidden girlfriends." Nathan: "We like 'Anchorman.'" Jay: "We make all the mistakes in public." Tom: "We drink quite a lot. Probably too much." Nathan: "We play our own instruments and write our own songs. Mostly." Jay: "We can sing in tune. Mostly." Nathan: "Sometimes."

9. On fidelity: Tom: "I've cheated on every single girlfriend I've ever had, apart from my current one, Kelsey."

8. On MILFs: Tom: "Older woman have been through life. The woman I [slept with] was nearly 50. It was in Germany and she was a record label executive. It happened on a night out while we were over there for a bit of promo. I ended up at a party in this hotel. Jay was at the same party and ended up falling asleep on the red carpet next to a German guy."

7. On how U.S. girls are easy: Jay: "I slept with more girls in America in one month than I have for a whole year in the U.K."

6. On partying with Justin Bieber: Tom: "We're going to San Diego and walking him over the border to Mexico and getting the tequilas down. He can't drink until he's 21 in America, but in Mexico he can drink at 18."

5. On moderation and hygiene: Max: "I got really leathered, then fell asleep and pissed the bed. I didn't clean it up, because I was in a hotel."

4. On changing their style for America: Tom: "We make ridiculous comments in interviews most of the time, and we thought we'd have to change ourselves a little bit and become more media trained, but surprisingly the Americans like a bit of rough."

3. On the difference between American girls and British girls: Jay: "The main difference is that there are more fake boobs and girls have better dental hygiene. But I don't mind a bit of plaque and a bit of character -- like Kirsten Dunst's fangs."

2. On busy nights: Tom: "I knew if I became famous I was going to get girls. I loved it. For the first six months, I was shagging everything. In the early days, I actually slept with five girls in one night. It was in two different rooms."

1. On aggressive fans: Max: "Some of them lick us like a dog. I'll be [standing] there and they're behind you and they just lick your ear or something. We try and avoid the whole full-on kissing fans now because there was a band we know who got ill off doing that. They got quite a bad infection of the skin."

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