The Amazing Spider-Man Toys Get Amazing Marvel Select Packaging!

The packaging for Diamond Select Toys “Select”-scale toy lines is… pretty big. Okay, it’s really big. But that’s because it has to be! Ten years ago, DST designed their packaging to show off their 7-inch scale Marvel figures along with their killer display bases — like the upcoming 6.75″ Spider-Man figure from The Amazing Spider-Man, who comes with a wall-mountable awning to perch on. Nowadays, they alternate their regular figures with larger characters, like the upcoming movie-style Lizard, who takes up most of the space in his blister even without a display base! Plus, because DST’s Select packaging hasn’t changed in ten years, that means your newest Marvel Select figures will look great next to every other Select figure in your collection. They even have side art for easy shelf storage and reference! The movie Lizard figure will be out at comic shops and online retailers next Wednesday — Spider-Man will follow in early June — and they’ll look just as good in their packaging as they do out of the box and standing on your desk!

ASM_SpideyFront1 ASM_SpideySide1 ASM_SpideyBack1a MS-Spider-ManMovie_Lizardfront1 MS-Spider-ManMovie_Lizardfrontside1 MS-Spider-ManMovie_Lizardbackside1a

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