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Angelique Sabrina may be the next Rihanna, guys.

Comparisons aren't always welcome, except, of course, when you're being hailed as the next Rihanna. At only 14-years-old, island-pop artist Angelique Sabrina is already garnering comparisons to RiRi while making a name for herself in her native Bahamas. Girl is a bonafide all-around threat, too, killing the game as a singer, songwriter, actress, dancer and model. Mini hustler alert!

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Unsurprisingly, Angelique was born into a family with a strong appreciation for music. Angelique's father was the first to sign Arrested Development (um, 1,000 thank yous), and when she was just in kindergarten, Angelique began studying piano, guitar and drums. Years later, with more life experience under her belt, Angelique came in as the first runner-up in the Little Miss Talented Bahamas competition where she played piano and sang her first original song -- she was 8. As you might suspect, she's pretty much been winning at life ever since.

Cut to present day: Angelique was recently selected as No. 1 on Sydney, Australia's Top 5 Rising Star Countdown, she  performed to a crowd of over 20,000 in the Bahamas, and she already hit the studio with Grammy award-winning producers Rockwilder and Hennessy. On top of all of this, Ang has been hard at work on her debut single, "Pull Up," a blazing hot, party pop song with some seriously potent island flavor. Bonus round: We're debuting the "Pull Up" video right here on Buzzworthy tomorrow! A word to the wise: do some stretching before you watch it and try to emulate her moves. Rihanna, watch your back, sister.

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