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Bamboozle is just around the corner, and all this week we'll be bringing you The Buzz On a few of the festival's acts so you can know before you go. Check out today's Buzz On, Cherri Bomb.

If you've seen "The Runaways" (K-Stew 4eva), you know the story of the boundary-breaking all-girl '70s rockers. But Los Angeles' Cherri Bomb, a femme quartet with the same penchant for ripping through power chords, drew their name from not from the Runaways' "Cherry Bomb" but the Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna book Cherry Bomb: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Better Flirt, a Tougher Chick, and a Hotter Girlfriend--and to Living Life Like a Rock Star, which became their own personal girls-in-rock-who-rock manual. Either way, Cherri Bomb's living up to the name. The band made a splash with last year's Stark EP on Hollywood Records in October, but that was just a warm-up: Their debut album, This Is the End of Control, drops May 15.

Listen to Cherri Bomb after the jump.

The band cites Garbage, Foo Fighters and My Chemical Romance as influences, and their wrecking-ball riffs definitely wave a flannel flag. But their spectacular style is pure old-school rock 'n' roll: all-black outfits, bold hair and badass boots. Singer Julia Pierce sounds as hard-core as she looks, channeling Stone Temple Pilots' Scott Weiland on "Spin" and showing off a breathier, softer side on "Mirror Mirror."

The young group's already hit the road with some of their heroes, opening for the Foos in Germany and playing dates with the Smashing Pumpkins. But Cherri Bomb are determined to be their own thing: "What if I say I'm not like the others?" Pierce sings on "The Pretender." If they keep rocking this hard, we'd say plenty of others will be following their lead. Check them out May 19 at Bamboozle.

+ Listen to Cherri Bomb, and check 'em out at Bamboozle.

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