The Buzz On: Conor Maynard

Conor Maynard is the U.K.'s Justin Bieber, so get involved.

Yo, so everyone is calling U.K. sensation Conor Maynard the next Justin Bieber. And while we wanna give everyone room to grow into their own artistry and all that jazz, Conor Maynard is toooootally the next Justin Bieber. Just like JB, 19-year-old Brighton-born Conor Maynard got his big break on YouTube. His renditions of songs by Ne-Yo and Justin Timberlake caused a stir, but it was his version of Rihanna's "Only Girl (In The World)" that earned him almost four million views alone, NBD!

Listen to Conor Maynard after the jump. 

Cut to present day: Conor is a huge effing deal across the pond. In fact, in November 2011, Maynard received was awarded the crown as MTV U.K.'s Brand-New For 2012 Artist, beating out names like Lana Del Rey and "Buzz On" alum Michael Kiwanuka. Dude's already balling out at 19.

Conor's current single, "Can't Say No," is a bonafide club smash, and luckily for him, a bunch of famous people think so, too. Conor has already caught the attention of Ne-Yo, who wanted to fly him out to Atlanta to sign him (OMG), Chris Brown, who tweeted Conor's praises, and Pharrell and Stargate, who are currently hard at work on Conor's debut album, out later this year. The kid's about to take over -- don't say we didn't warn you, America!

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