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Dude York

Dude York: Not just for dudes.

Seattle, Washington's Dude York might be the noisiest band in the Pacific Northwest -- or at least the fuzziest. But the D.I.Y. rock trio's lo-fi latest, "The Lake," sees them expanding their influences. Punchy opener "The Lake" kicks off with Ringo Starr drums before diving into a retro power-pop riff worthy of Nick Lowe or Thin Lizzy, while the incendiary "Dream King" sounds like the Strokes playing in a haunted house. Just in time for Halloween, you guys!

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Lyrically the dudes (and dudette!) expound on relatable college kid blues: "I've been drinking coffee every time it's late," stretchy throated singer Peter Richards complains on "The Lake." The band's got a gift for big choruses, and if we can get him some frizzy hair and a closet of leopard-print shirts, Richards might just be our next Marc Bolan.

The band's chops are dead serious, though -- pop culture jokes regularly sneak in through titles like Escape From Dude York, the band's summer EP, and the macabre-movie referencing "The Assassination of Kurt Cobain by the Coward Dude York." (Pretty sure Kurt would've loved it.) The band has even scored next-big-thing kudos from Pitchfork and the NME, who called out the band's "hyperactive nature." Keep the coffee coming, dudes.

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