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Listen to Brooklyn-born MC Josh Baze's hit "We Made It."

We're pretty convinced that Josh Baze is about to become famous. Terrifyingly famous. Kanye-famous. As evidenced by his brand-new debut album, Hi-Heels & Low-Lifes, Josh's flow is tight, his songs have more hooks than a commercial fishing boat, and if you couldn't tell by just looking at his face, Josh is a former model. Sold yet?

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Josh Baze credits his DJ dad for sparking his interest in music. He grew up in a house with four sisters (and hopefully more than one bathroom?), so Josh used to post up in his room where he'd write and record original material using an old PC and outdated version of Cool Edit Pro. That's called making the whack Windows 95 OS work to your advantage, dude.

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Clearly Josh has come a long way since the days of his slow-ass PC computer. His debut, which calls up everything from Kanye's Graduation-era flow to J. Cole's bouncy, conversational tone to Trey Songz's panty-dropping vocal prowess, earned him a spot on last week's MTV2 "Sucker Free Countdown." And this past January, Josh's Hype Williams-directed video "We Made It" won MTVu's Freshman video of the week. (Yes, Hype Williams loves Josh Baze -- that's a real thing.) And he's already worked with Jamie Foxx.

If you're still not convinced Baze is about to blow, then let us alert you to the fact that Marisa Miller, supermodel and Sports Illustrated/ Victoria's Secret goddess is such a Baze fan that she agreed to appear on the cover of his debut album in a corset and dangerously high heels. (Whuuuut?? TEAM BAZE!) And Hi-Heels & Low-Lifes was produced by Griffin Guess, who's worked with Kanye West (WHUUUUUT?), and Josh is slated to perform on "Last Call With Carson Daly" tomorrow night.

Baze's hit "We Made It," is an anthemic, pop-tinged hip-hop banger that speaks to Josh's humble upbringings and imminent successes: "Brooklyn!/We came a long way since BIG, huh?/Yeah, you know it's our time baby/We takin off/Do what you wanna/Came from being under/Now they all wonder/We made it!" We here at Buzzworthy feel it's safe to say you made it, dude. Probably time they appoint you the honorary mayor of Brooklyn, or something.

Marisa Miller poses on the cover art for Josh Baze's 'Hi-Heels & Low Lifes' album.

+ Watch Josh Baze's "We Made It" video, and watch behind-the-scenes footage of Josh Baze recording Hi-Heels & Low-Lifes.

Photo credit: Brian Bowen Smith

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