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Do yourselves a favor and listen to Mr Little Jeans' 'Runaway.'

Will our love affair with the indie pop pixies of Scandinavia ever end? As the riches of artists like Robyn, Oh Land and Amanda Mair just keep on dazzling us, our latest obsession is with a Norwegian songbird by the name of Mr. Little Jeans. Just don't be fooled should that pseudonym suggest the rootin'est, tootin'est cowboy in a spaghetti Western (which is kinda what it does for us) -- in actuality, Mr. Little Jeans makes some of the most lushly gorgeous tunes this side of Norway's famous fjords.

Listen to Mr Little Jeans after the jump.

Mr. Little Jeans, better known as the ethereally gorgeous Monica Birkeness, first started generating buzz back in 2010 when she released a pair of vinyl singles via the ultracool and reliably amazing Neon Gold Records (home of Marina and the Diamonds, Ellie Goulding and Gotye), including her single "Angel" (as recently featured on "Gossip Girl," NBD) and a deliciously twee rendition of Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" that must be heard to be believed. (Seriously, stop your entire life and listen to this cover right now.) Following those highs, Mr. Little Jeans is back with her newest single, "Runaway," a dreamily lo-fi track accompanied by a haunting video featuring imagery that feels both hazily romantic and darkly ominous.

Sad and summery, "Runaway" starts off with a plunking bass line that evokes a lost mid-'90s classic by The Cranberries (anybody else getting "Dreams" from this?), her otherworldly vocals rise and fall spectacularly over a glinting soundscape of synths. "When you run away, you can go anywhere," she croons. Good advice -- we'll be running away to Norway, then?

Mr. Little Jeans' debut is due out in August, which is just about enough time to drive us absolutely crazy in anticipation. If you need us before then, we'll be holed up in our loft in Oslo. (We wish.)

+ Listen to Mr. Little Jeans.

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