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Not just anyone can cover Michael Jackson. But Tori Kelly's not just anyone.

It's not every day you meet an artist as gifted as Tori Kelly. Chick can sing -- pardon us, BLOW -- write, and did I mention she's a producer, too? And that her songs are hits? Basically all of them? It's a serious situation that you need to get involved with immediately.

Listen to Tori Kelly after the jump.

A hustler from the start (props on that by the way!), Tori began her career at age 12 when she appeared on "America's Most Talented Kids," which later earned her a record deal with Geffen Records in 2004. Tori also had a brief stint on "American Idol" Season 9, but in the weirdest twist of events we could ever think of, got eliminated. #NoSense. Like many of our faves (ahem, Justin Bieber), Tori started recording covers via YouTube -- and it didn't take much time for the world to catch on to Tori's Mariah Carey-meets-Jill Scott-meets-Lauryn Hill vibe. And you and I both know we don't drop those names lightly.

Anyway, time has been veryyy good to Tori. Her self-released EP, Handmade Songs, recently raced up the iTunes charts, she's already sold out shows at The Roxy in L.A., and she performed at MTV's VMAs Pre-Party with John Mayer and The Wanted. But, perhaps Tori's biggest achievement of all is that she's now working with Scooter Braun, as in, the man who put Bieber at the top of the pop music map. Tori's got famous fans (cc: Ryan Beatty's Tori Kelly tweet and Jojo's Tori Kelly tweet), plus she's also gotten the seal of Twitter approval from The Biebs himself. Keep a close eye on this one, guys. Adele status is on the horizon. But first, about that Michael Jackson cover:

+ Watch Tori Kelly cover Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T.," and listen to "Confetti."

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