The Buzz On: We Came As Romans

Bamboozle is just around the corner, and all this week we'll be bringing you The Buzz On a few of the festival's acts so you can know before you go. First up? We Came As Romans.

We Came As Romans have been building their empire since 2005, with a cuddly mission statement that might surprise you: "We decided if we were going to be a band, we needed to have meaning behind it," guitarist Joshua Moore has said. "And I don’t think there is any greater meaning than to keep on spreading the idea and concept of love." They're also big fans of sharing: the Michigan metal band blends the growled fury of David Stephens with soaring melodies from Kyle Pavone, a duality that lets the group show its softer aside in between firing off machine-gun riffs.

Listen to We Came As Romans after the jump.

On We Came As Romans' new sophomore album, Understanding What We've Grown To Be, the six-piece act even dips into electronic music, using a drum machine under a piano section on "A War Inside" and turning to a synthesizer on "The Way That We Have Been" and "Stay Inspired." But it's the Hulk-sized guitars and pounding rhythm section that drive the group's hard-hitting songs, a fact that can't be denied once the group's on stage. You may have seen them on the road lately with A Day to Remember, Bring Me the Horizon and Silverstein, as well as rocking the 2011 Warped Tour.

We Came As Romans' mission of positivity extends toward loving their fans: beyond keeping the YouTube tour updates coming, they did a Hollywood album signing appearance earlier this year with food from Poquito Mas. Any band that hands out free burritos definitely gets love from us. Check them out May 18 at Bamboozle.

+ Watch We Came As Romans' "Just Keep Breathing" video, and don't miss them at Bamboozle. 

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