The Jonas Brothers Have A (Pretty) Face Off With Nerf Guns In The Recording Studio! (PHOTO)

May the best Jonas Brother win!

While you spent your Labor Day weekend sobbing over summer's end, then killing the SADZ with embarrassingly large portions of grilled hot dogs (just us?), Joe and Kevin of The Jonas Brothers spent their holiday weekend hardly working hard in the recording studio, AND pointing Nerf Guns at each other! (Some people do yoga after work; others have Nerf fights.) Looks awesome guys, but we implore you: PLEASE BE CAREFUL!  It's all fun and games until a beautiful boy band member's face gets hurt.

Joe Jonas sent out a photo tweet with the playfully intense caption "Nerf war," as the guys spent time recording their next record (or maybe even practicing for their big reunion show??). Between this photo of the Jonas Brothers and One Direction's equally cute adoration for all things Nerf, may we go so far as to suggest an all-out boy band Nerf battle?! Um, SO many hunky guys dodging foam ammo while dressed in head-to-toe camo? Um, YES PLEASE.

Photo Credit: @JoeJonas

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