The Road to Quorlds is coming right to your store!

Dear Quarriors,

WizKids Games— the company that brought you the smash hit game of 2011 Quarriors!— is excited to announce the very first Quorld Championship to be held at 2012 Gen Con Indy… and invites you to host an in-store qualifying event!

In-store Quorld Qualifier events will kick off starting on June 6— with the release of the second Quarriors! expansion set— Quarmageddon!— through July 15. If you are interested in learning how you can host an in-store Quorlds Qualifier (or just Quarriors casual play game nights), please visit the following articles on the WizKids games website:

For general information and events schedule— read the The Road to Quorlds article

For instructions on scheduling an in-store Quorld Qualifier— read the Quarriors Tournaments Retailer Information article

To help promote your Quarriors events, WizKids Games is offering retailers a special Quarmageddon Release Promo Card available while supplies last with pre-orders of the Quarmageddon expansion set. Speak with your distributor sales representative for availability and more information.

If you have any questions regarding Quarriors tournaments and the Quorlds Qualifier events, please contact

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