The Swaggest GIFs Of Justin Bieber!

Today Justin Bieber releases Believe, his third studio album, and in the time it's taken for this cup of coffee, which I poured, like, 20 minutes ago, to cool, it's already gone to No. 1 on the iTunes Charts. If that's not swag then it's time for you to really think long and hard about what your definition of swag is. In fact, I'm fairly confident that Justin Bieber's been perfecting his swag game since March 1, 1994. (His mom probably took swag pregnancy vitamins, which she should bottle and sell.)

Some additional evidence that Justin Bieber is running the swag game: If his Believe album doesn't outsell Cher's iconic album of the same name, it'll certainly outswag it. He took Selena Gomez for a ride in a helicopter. (He BAGGED Selena Gomez! SWAG!!1!) He POWERED THROUGH A SHOW AT THE APOLLO THEATER AFTER THE POWER WENT OUT. (Suh-wag.) He hangs with Kanye West, Jay-Z, Tyler, The Creator and Aziz Ansari... AT THE SAME TIME. (Swag x 1 trillion.) And when a hateful glass door tried to outswag him, he harnessed his super-swag powers and BRAVELY HEADBUTTED IT.

If you're still not convinced that Justin Bieber both invented and perfected the art of swag, perhaps these swaggy GIFs will convince you. Still not convinced? Watch "Justin Bieber Live" tonight on MTV.

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