The Transformers Masterpiece Sideswipe Euphorium

So those who know me know that I have a profound love of Transformers.  It’s one of my main focuses in collecting.  The arrival of a new Masterpiece Transformer is a very special day in my household.  To be fair, I have a love/hate relationship with them.  Sometimes they’re absolutely brilliant.  Grimlock, MP-10 Optimus Prime, Megatron.  Genious.  Then there are the ones that test the limits of my patience.  First issue Starscream (what were they thinking?), Rodimus Prime (absolute disaster).  You get my point.

Sideswipe (Lambor for those of you who don’t know) was my very first Transformer, and my very favorite of the original G1 Autobots.  Without going in to the trappings of a long back story, I was both excited and anxious when he and his mold-mate Red Alert were announced.  Would he be everything I’d hoped?  Would it suck?  I’m happy to report he falls in the category of the former.  Big Time.

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