The Wanted Get Mobbed By Fans, Now They Know How Justin Bieber Felt That Time (PHOTO)

The Wanted get mobbed by fans. Um, why didn't anyone invite us to this up-close-and-personal moment?!

It's got to be tough being a hunky superstar and having like, a bazillion admirers. Justin Bieber knows what we're talking about (he even has to dodge unsolicited kisses!). And now The Wanted got a taste of mob mayhem while being bombarded by fans! While most of the guys looked totally fine being felt up by random strangers in a VERY tight place, we're LOL-ing at Nathan Sykes' fearful expression that totally screams, "SAVE ME!" (Um, not sure what kind of fan reaction these guys expected after they took their pants off and went shirtless.)

The "I Found You" singers recently shared a photo on Facebook of themselves being mobbed by fans... Wait, you say you can't find each of the Brits in the photo? That's part of the fun, guys! It's like playing "Where's Waldo" with boy bands (which we'd prefer so much over the original BTW. Waldo's SO not our type). But we do have further observations to make like, where are the guys' bodyguards?! Does some sort of room exist where they dump the cute Brits for a fan feeding frenzy!? Most importantly, HOW CAN WE GET OURSELVES IN TO THIS ROOM!?

Photo credit: The Wanted's Facebook

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