The 3 Best Nintendo Switch Grip Cases In 2020

The Nintendo Switch console is one of the most versatile gaming systems ever made. It's a portable console you can hook up to your TV. Switch games aren't always state-of-the-art tech-wise, but they still look great on a TV, and with the Switch Pro controller, they play just like they would on any other console when the console is hooked up to the Switch dock (which includes a pair of front-facing USB to hook up a wide variety of controllers). Playing games on the Switch console itself on the go, the screen looks great, and feels like a large, flat controller that isn't too heavy. The Switch Lite is even easier on the hands, with a proper controller d-pad (though you might want to invest in a screen protector, just in case). You can even mix things up, using the included stand to play it while it's lying on a table, and use a Pro controller without a cable to play during your gaming sessions.

The problem is that it's not always the best portable gaming experience; the battery life on the original model is bad enough that you're charging it all the time (Nintendo has since released a version of the console with improved battery life), and with all the motion controls, small buttons, and lack of a real rubber grips (or any grip, really) on the Joy-Cons, it's often not comfortable, especially during longer sessions of input-heavy games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Even the Switch Lite, which sports a smaller form factor and stronger battery, tends to benefit from having a Pro controller around sometimes, especially if you want to play multiplayer games on it.

However, there is a solution to that tingling hands problem that makes the original Switch model more comfortable to play in handheld mode (besides just using a Switch Pro controller): a Nintendo Switch grip case. These work much in the same way as protective cases do, except they add a little something to grab onto without forcing you away from the screen, turning them into something that offers a lot more grip like an Xbox controller. Handheld mode is my preferred method of playing the Switch, and after using a grip case, I knew I could never go back to playing without one.

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