This Photo Of Diddy Holding A Pink Parasol Is The Best Thing To Come Out Of Burning Man Since EVER!

This photo of Diddy holding a pink parasol may just be the most bizarre thing to come out of Burning Man yet!

Yep, Diddy’s holding a pink parasol at Burning Man. Begin questioning life NOW.

Burning Man was always missing something — Diddy, obvs! (Also, more clothes.) I mean, I have no experience attending the most free-spirited festival to hit Nevada’s Black Rock Desert every year, but, from the photos I’ve seen, I’ve always thought, “Man, if only Diddy would show up to this event and walk around with a bright pink parasol. Then, life would be SO legit!” Well, according to this photo that tweeted, LIFE JUST GOT SO LEGIT!

OK, that was kinda dramatic, but the fact that one of the richest rap mogul/ entrepreneur hybrids on the planet left his expensive clothes and private jet lifestyle to vacay with a bunch of anti-capitalist, free-lovin’ peeps has officially rocked our world. Like, is Diddy having some sort of midlife crisis where “Mo Money Mo Problems” started getting #TooReal and the man needed to take a pilgrimage to the desert to reflect?! Is Diddy questioning his gazillionaire existence? If so, and he decides he needs to rid himself of all dem Benjamins to attain a material-free state of enlightenment, we are more than ready to DM @iamdiddy our PayPal accounts.

All in all, this pic serves as a reminder of how even world-famous mega stars are #JustLikeUs and sometimes need to step out of their comfort zones to evolve as people. This photo also suggests that pink parasols are probably going to be a “thing” next spring — and that Fonzworth Bentley is officially out of the holding-umbrellas-for-Diddy game. Duly noted.

Photo credit: @vulture

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