‘Thor 2’ Will Be ‘Huge,’ Idris Elba Promises

Actor tells MTV News his character Heimdall will be 'more involved' in the sequel.
By Kevin P. Sullivan

Idris Elba
Photo: MTV News

A movie like "The Avengers" doesn't just make $1 billion in a little less than 20 days without having a few sequels already in the pipeline. So, of course, the folks over at Marvel are already hard at work on a handful of follow-ups, including "Thor 2."

MTV News spoke with Idris Elba while he was promoting Prometheus" about reprising his role as the Asgardian gatekeeper, Heimdall, for the sequel, once again starring Chris Hemsworth in the title role. "Thor 2," which is scheduled to head into production later this year, is said to explore the other realms of the universe, outside of Asgard and Earth, so that would mean a heavier workload for Heimdall.

Though production has not officially begun, Elba has already started some prep. "I'm actually excited about it," he said. "I literally just did a costume fitting the other day."

Elba, who has only seen an outline of the story so far, said that he does anticipate a larger role for Heimdall in the sequel, but added that "Thor 2" will also be taking a closer look at the people who populate the mythical world. "Definitely Heimdall's more involved, but also, what's more involved is who the Asgardians are," he said. "I think we'll see a sense of that."

As past interviews with the cast have indicated, the scale of "Thor 2" is quite large, but Elba suggested that the focus narrows in on character in a way we haven't seen before. "It's a huge film, 'Thor 2,' but I also think it's micro in a way that you start to look at people, who they are a little bit more."

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