Top 10 Must-See Summer Movies Of 2012

'Amazing Spider-Man,' 'Brave' and 'Bourne Legacy' make our can't-miss list.
By Kevin P. Sullivan

Andrew Garfield in "The Amazing Spider-Man"
Photo: Marvel / Columbia Pictures

As we wrap up our Summer Movie Preview Week, it feels like the best time to take a look at the big picture and see what movies we are dying to watch.

With so many films coming out this summer, we wanted to share with you our list of what's going to be worth your time (and your money) during the upcoming season.

These are our top 10 most anticipated summer movies:

"The Amazing Spider-Man"
Marc Webb's reboot of this superhero series earns a spot solely for the character and talent involved. The director made a name for himself with "(500) Days of Summer," and the two leads, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, are among some of the hottest young actors in Hollywood. Though it may seem too soon for a new series, you can't deny that the concept isn't appealing.

"Marvel's The Avengers"
After sitting through five lead-up movies, "The Avengers" better be worth a spot on our most anticipated list. By all accounts (i.e. those lucky enough to have seen it already), director Joss Whedon has pulled off the seemingly impossible by bringing together Earth's mightiest heroes in a film that not only works, but surpasses the previous films in many ways. Here's hoping that Marvel's crazy/brilliant plan actually pays off.

"Bourne Legacy"
Director Tony Gilroy, speaking to MTV News as part of our Summer Movie Preview Week, explained that this is not the same old "Jason Bourne Show." According to Gilroy, Jeremy Renner's character has the "opposite of amnesia" and has no confusion about what he's doing for the government. The concept of a less sympathetic take on the formula was exactly what we needed to know that "Bourne" is at least worth one more go.

Pixar's exploration of Scottish mythology has all the hallmarks of the animation studio. There are beautiful visuals, an unlikely but strong protagonist and the same vibrancy and sense of humor that have made so many of their films modern classics.

"The Dark Knight Rises"
The last time Christopher Nolan made a Batman film, it had the biggest weekend of all time, grossed over $1 billion worldwide and earned Heath Ledger an Academy Award. For the director's final act, he promises to bring an end to his realistic version of the Batman legend. With so much of the world invested to see how it all turns out, "The Dark Knight Rises" is a guaranteed success. Will Batman make it out alive? There's only one way to find out.

Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf star in this true-life, Prohibition-era drama about a family of bootleggers in Virginia. "Lawless" touts a brilliant supporting cast, including Gary Oldman, Guy Pearce, Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska. Plus, with director John Hillcoat ("The Proposition," "The Road"), we're almost guaranteed a beautiful-looking crime drama that doesn't shy away from violence.

"Moonrise Kingdom"
"Moonrise Kingdom" is Wes Anderson at his most Wes Anderson. The director of visually stunning, quirky comedies like "Rushmore" and "The Royal Tenenbaums" is back with this film about young lovebirds who escape the confines of their summer camp and, as a result, have a cast of all-star Anderson regulars searching after them. The cast includes Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Frances McDormand and Jason Schwartzman.

Ridley Scott's return to the genre that made him a legend also boasts a screenplay co-written by "Lost" executive producer Damon Lindelof and enough mystery surrounding the plot to fill dozens of message boards. Aside from the handful of wonderfully crafted trailers, we've also had the cast list to fawn over. "Prometheus" stars Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce and Idris Elba.

After seeing the sexy teaser trailer for "Savages," it would be difficult to not find it a spot on the list. The film, directed by Oliver Stone, follows two pot growers and dealers who have to rescue their shared girlfriend after she's kidnapped by a Mexican cartel. The footage we've seen so far looks like a return to Stone's "Natural Born Killers" and "U Turn" days.

"Snow White and the Huntsman"
What started out as just one of the two Snow White films this year turned out to be one of the most visually interesting films of the summer. This reimagined version of the Snow White tale casts Kristen Stewart as a warrior princess who must fight for her kingdom against the milk-bathing evil ways of the Queen, played by a frightening Charlize Theron.

It's Summer Movie Preview Week, and MTV News will be bringing you exclusive interviews, clips and photos for the most anticipated summer movies. Get ready to gorge on inside looks at "The Avengers," Robert Pattinson's "Bel Ami," Kristen Stewart's "Snow White," "The Amazing Spider-Man" and more!

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