Trace Cyrus Tattooed An Eagle And Some Flowers Onto His Head (PHOTO)

We really hope Trace Cyrus likes eagles and roses forever.

The thing about living in America is that you can walk into a certified establishment and tell a stranger to draw a picture on your head with a needle and ink and no one's going to stop you. Trace Cyrus did this recently -- he paid someone to tattoo an eagle and a few roses onto his skull and like, that's a legal thing you can do in this country. Go U.S.A.

Trace is certainly no stranger to the tattoo chair. We talked to him this past weekend when we hung out at Bamboozle where his band Ashland High took the stage, and we had the chance to examine him in the flesh. Dude. Is. COVERED. Like, basically head (literally) to toe. And as much as some people are gonna throw shade, you kinda can't -- whoever inks this guy up on the regular is actually really good at their job. He's covered in genuinely beautiful pictures!

The finished product. Trace Cyrus put a bird on it.

+ Check out more photos of the completely tatted Trace Cyrus after the jump, and see who else we hung out with this weekend in our Bamboozle 2012 Photo Gallery!

Photo credit: @tracecyrus/ @MTV

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