Triad Toys announces new NATASHA Sixth Scale Figure

Triad Toys is proud to announce a new addition to our roster of new and original characters with the NATASHA SIXTH SCALE FIGURE, from the Gunn 4 Hire series.  Fully loaded with weapons featuring a new and exquisitely painted headsculpt with high quality rooted Saran hair, this figure is an excellent addition to your collection.

TriadNat1 TriadNat2 TriadNat3 TriadNat4 TriadNat5 TriadNat6 TriadNat7

The G4H Villians Series – Natasha Kourdakov Sixth Scale Figure includes:

Handpainted female headsculpt with rooted Saran hair
Triad Toys Female ALPHA LGB Caucasian Body
Netted Tank Top
Faux Suede Ruffled Collar Leather Jacket
Faux Suede Ribbed Lined Leather Trousers
Black Military Bootfeet-Style Suede Leather Boots
MP5 Assault Rifle (ATAC System with multiple components) with aimpoint, laser sight, rail system, 2 different grips and silencer
Pistol with removable clip and leather holster
One Pair Black Gloved Pistol Grip Hands
One Pair Black Gloved Relaxed Grip Hands
One Pair Black Gloved Fist Grip Hands

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