‘True Blood’ Episode Two: How Gory Will It Get?

We review the big questions left over from the premiere before tonight's new show.
By Kara Warner

Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard and Lucy Griffiths in "True Blood"

Last week's kickoff to the fifth season of "True Blood" was as bloody of a good time as we expected. As creator Alan Ball and company are wont to do with their vampire soap, the first episode of this new season ended in cliffhanger territory; plenty of people were up to no good and best friends were turned into vampires.

So what's in store for tonight?

How Will Tara Take to Being Undead?
Given all we know about Tara's stubborn and incendiary personality, along with what we know about newborn vampires, we expect Tara's transition to be a particularly messy one. She won't go killing off Sookie and Lafayette, of course; they're main characters. But we do expect her to do some damage via draining. Will she even take to the idea at all? How will the maker/makee bond play out between Tara and Pam?

When Will Chris Meloni Make His Appearance?
We've been waiting to see Chris Meloni and his fangs ever since it was announced that the HBO alum would be joining the cast for season five. His fellow castmembers have been singing his praises, and Meloni himself promised us "a lot of staking." So where is he? Seems to us he should be making his appearance very soon, since Bill and Eric are still tied up with the Authority and all.

Can Jason and Jessica Get It Together Already?
It is very sweet that Jason misses his best buddy Hoyt and is trying to smooth things over. However, Jason can't keep away from Jessica, so he might as well give up on repairing that friendship for now, which should leave the door open for him and Jess to actually formulate a relationship. Jason could use a strong-willed, independent lady in his life, despite the fact that Jessica wants to sow her wild oats.

Why Won't Alcide Embrace His New Pack Master Status?
Yes, that group-eating of fallen pack master and all-around bad guy Marcus was super gross. But weird cannibalistic rituals be damned, Alcide would make a great pack master! He's perfectly authoritative and assertive when he needs to be and so sweet and kind! From what we know about Alcide, which isn't that much, he has always seemed resistant to joining up with wolf packs. Perhaps we'll find out the reason behind his lone-wolf mind-set soon.

What's up with Steve Newlin?
We are definitely intrigued by this new twist to Steve Newlin's character. As a "gay vampire American," he should definitely provide for some lighthearted distractions this season. But now that his recently declared love for Jason has been spurned, what is he going to do? Newlin was not at all pleased to see Jessica claim Jason for herself and we don't think he'll soon move on or go quietly into the woods. We're betting it's just a matter of time before he makes some mischief.

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