Tuesday Q&A: Kelly Sue DeConnick

Tuesday Q&A: Kelly Sue DeConnick

By Jim Beard

Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick has proven she’s got the Right Stuff with projects like OSBORN, but now she tackles one of the most famous names in comics, Captain Marvel, and the new face behind the power.

Captain Marvel #1 cover by Ed McGuinness

DeConnick says she’s more than up for the task and ready to take on the mission of a lifetime with Carol Danvers, who assumes the mantle in CAPTAIN MARVEL beginning July 18. The first issue of the new series, with art by Dexter Soy, will follow hot on the heels of AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #9, featuring a team-up with the wondrous webslinger illustrated by Terry Dodson.

Recently, we caught up with DeConnick for a quick briefing on what goes into the launching of a new Marvel comic and the thought and care in its crafting.

Marvel.com: Kelly Sue, what's the catalyst for Carol to become Captain Marvel? And why does she feel this is the right moment to do so?

Kelly Sue DeConnick: It's something that Captain America says to her, something that finally clicks, and with her just having adopted a new uniform, its fortuitous timing.

Marvel.com: Speaking of Captain America, could Carol take over the leadership of the Avengers at a moment's notice now? Would she want to?

Kelly Sue DeConnick: Carol is a natural leader; she could absolutely take that position at a moment's notice. I suspect she'd do better as a field general than as the big boss, at the moment. She's a hell of a tactician and an exceptional warrior, but the leader of the Avengers also needs to have super-human people skills. I don't think Carol's the best possible choice there. I think she could be, but he's got a little ways to go yet.

I think that's why Captain America is my favorite for Avengers top dog. He's got a way with folks.

As to whether she'd want to—yes and no. Carol's ambitious and a little bit of a control freak, so yeah. But she's not the biggest fan of the kind of social engineering that that job requires. So no.

Avenging Spider-Man #9 cover by Terry Dodson

Marvel.com: When she adopts the mantle, who in her life might have the strongest reaction to her becoming Captain Marvel?

Kelly Sue DeConnick: Monica Rambeau, I would think, as a previous Captain Marvel.

Marvel.com: Over in AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #9, out July 11, what's the most fun for you about teaming Carol with Spidey?

Kelly Sue DeConnick: The banter! And writing Peter's heart.

Marvel.com: Will Peter's attitude towards Carol change at all now that she's been "promoted"? Will we see any sparks, romantic or otherwise, fly between them in the AVENGING story?

Kelly Sue DeConnick: Well they certainly do know how to flirt! I don't know how serious either one of them is, but put them in a room together and it's hard to turn it off.

Spidey doesn't care what codename/call-sign Carol's using; that's never been a thing that concerned him terribly. Not sure he's a fan of the new hairdo, however.

Marvel.com: Okay, back to CAPTAIN MARVEL: how will you be building up her rogues gallery in the series? Will we see established Marvel Universe villains as well as new ones?

Kelly Sue DeConnick: It'll depend on how long we go, honestly. I have plans for both old and new. Let's see how many we can get to!

Marvel.com: How did the first story arc for CAPTAIN MARVEL come about? Why was it the story to kick off the series with?

Captain Marvel #2 cover by Ed McGuinness

Kelly Sue DeConnick: Man, I think it started with me talking about something I'd read about the Women Air Service Pilots of World War II over family dinner at our friends' house one night. I was so angry about this thing that happened 60 years ago that I was shaking. I felt like I needed to do something with that anger, and then I realized that I had an angle on a story I cared about.

Marvel.com: With that in mind, what aspect of the first issue do you feel will grab readers the most?

Kelly Sue DeConnick: Carol. She's the heart and soul. She's strong and noble but still flawed, still learning. She inspires me.

Marvel.com: And what are you particularly proud of in the first story arc?

Kelly Sue DeConnick: The history, I think. Oh, and the variety of personalities, I guess. And how [artist] Dexter Soy and I are learning to work together!

That's three things. My, I am a proud cuss, aren't I?

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