Video Premiere: Action Item, ‘Last Day Of Summer’

Action Item bid summer adieu with soaring hooks and model chicks.

New Jersey natives Action Item love summertime, and to commemorate the end of of their favorite season, they've filmed an apropos video for "Last Day Of Summer." (On a personal note, I couldn't be more thrilled to start wearing chunky knits and light layers, so "Last Day Of Summer" is actually more like a chant I scream the moment the air loses its humidity and gains that beautiful fall crispness.) Moving right along...

Watch Action Item's "Last Day Of Summer" video after the jump.  

In their "Last Day Of Summer" video, the VERY ATTRACTIVE Action Item boys are spending the day at -- where else? -- the beach, where the waves are crashing, nobody is sweating (TAKE ME THERE!), and everyone glows radiantly in the sunlight. As the bros bro out and do bro things like climbing slippery rocks and going skateboarding, lead singer Brian Cag sneaks off for some very hot romantic "face time" with a blonde lady friend who may be a full-time model or at least a part-timer. As the video winds down, the sun casts a perfect amber hue upon Action Item, and even I am forced to wonder why summer has to end.

Action Item is currently touring the United States with their "Until It's Over" documentary and will be on tour with Owl City this September. Their sophomore EP drops later this fall.

+ Watch Action Item's "Last Day Of Summer" video.

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