Video Premiere: All Time Low, ‘For Baltimore’

All Time Low get animated in their latest clip, "For Baltimore."

There's no doubt All Time Low is definitely a colorful group. The pop-punkers' latest album cover for Don't Panic certainly shows off their artistic side. Well, now they've taken that idea a step further and gone full-on animated for their latest video, "For Baltimore." We basically get to see what Alex, Jack, Rian, and Zack looked like in high school... albeit in cartoon form. (Good enough for us!)

Watch All Time Low's "For Baltimore" video after the jump.

The beginning of the clip shows sort of an animated yearbook (seriously, GIF yearbooks are coming in like five years, we swear) with the boys in the band prominently featured crawling throughout. An animated dude who looks a lot like Alex dreams of becoming a rock star (pretty sure we know how that turns out), and I feel like I should also mention that Alex also ascends to space and freefalls back to earth, so he's kinda like a toon version of Felix Baumgartner! That alone makes the video worth it. But really, it's a cool snapshot of All Time Low's origin and the city they grew up in, all delivered in beautiful, vibrant color. Now, about those .GIF yearbooks... Get on it, people!

+ Watch All Time Low's "For Baltimore" video.

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