Video Premiere: Asher Monroe, ‘Here With You’

Asher Monroe parties hard in his "Here With You" video.

Asher Monroe is one of those bros who's annoyingly GOOD AT A LOT OF THINGS but also seems really, really nice. (NOTE: WHERE ARE THOSE BROS IN MY REAL, ACTUAL, EVERYDAY LIFE?!?) If you're unfamiliar, then we'll take this moment to remind you that Asher's a singer, dancer, and actor with some massive credits to his name: He was in the Broadway production of “Beauty And The Beast," oh yeah, and he was a member of boy band V-Factory, and his "Like I Do" video earned over 1 million YouTube views, half of which were earned within the first 24 hours alone. (Uh, what?) Looks like his post V-Factory solo career is going juuust fine.

Watch Asher Monroe's "Here With You" video after the jump.

Set to a thumping track that's feels a little like The Wanted's "Glad You Came" meets Usher's "DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love," Asher's "Here With You" video depicts a wild end-of-summer PAR-TEE complete with drinks (we smell a liquor endorsement on deck!), bikini-clad ladies, and dancing -- a LOT of dancing. (This video will keep Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle" comfy on our personal list of must-see music videos that culminate in half-dressed dancing.) The party anthem will be burned into your brain for forever, probably, and the video serves as yet another reminder of yet another attractive-people gathering that I was not invited to. (WTF?)

+ Watch Asher Monroe's "Here With You" video.

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