Video Premiere: Austin Mahone Featuring Flo Rida, ‘Say You’re Just A Friend’

 Austin Mahone has some SLICK moves in his "Say You're Just A Friend" video featuring Flo Rida.

In case you missed the memo, Austin Mahone is a bona fide pop star now. You know, the kind that nails his professionally choreographed dance moves, wears slick leather jackets, and goes on tour with Taylor Swift. Because FYI, "Austin Mahone going on tour with Taylor Swift" is an actual thing and not some weird pop star fantasy you dreamed up after one too many fish tacos. (Oooops, projecting after last night's 10 p.m. taco blackout.) And when he's not rehearsing for his Taylor tour (and taking over the MTV Twitter account!), Austin's busy having Flo Rida guest star on HIS record -- a reinterpretation of  Biz Markie's famed "Just A Friend" -- aptly titled, "Say You're Just A Friend." And nope, that wasn't "Flo Rida featuring Austin Mahone." It's Austin featuring Flo.

Watch Austin Mahone's "Say You're Just A Friend" video featuring Flo Rida after the jump.

We're pretty sure the main goal in Austin's ultra-slick "Say You're Just A Friend" video is to make him look like the dopest 16-year-old ever while simultaneously making you question everything you ever wore in high school. In between hanging out and dancing with his boi4lyfe Flo, Austin looks like a straight up baller-in-training, totally flirting with the hottest chick on set (and that's not anything new -- Austin already proved his hot-chick-getting prowess in his "Say Somethin" video). And when we say "flirting with," we totally mean "hugging/taking couple selfies" while a heart-themed light show plays in the background," but that's still way more amazing than anything that happened to us when we were sixteen. WE had to take our new couple portraits in a mall-sized photo booth!

Watch Austin Mahone's "Say You're Just A Friend" video featuring Flo Rida.

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