Video Premiere: Blood On The Dance Floor, ‘Unforgiven’

While Clint Eastwood does not make an appearance in Blood on the Dance Floor's "Unforgiven" video (spoiler, sorry), Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe put on a snow-covered fashion show that'd make Gaga blush (and take copious notes). With their intense makeup and extensively spiked armor, the duo looks super-ready to do battle with KISS or tear up their next LARP match. Vanity even busts out his Freddy Kruger claws, just in case.

Watch Blood On The Dance Floor's "Unforgiven" video after the jump.

By the video's end, the rainbow-haired rocker finds himself in a dangerous fantasy fight, which involves sword-licking. "Unforgiven" is also here to freak out your ears: the electro-punk track is a brutal blend of synthesizer hooks and guitars the size of monster trucks. These are not men whose hearts you want to break, ladies: "You walked me to the gates of heaven/ Now I'm burning in hell," Vanity sings, before adding, "Don't think I won't forget the things you've done."

You definitely won't forget this video. The unsigned Orlando-turned-Arizona band's fourth album, Evolution, drops June 19.

+ Watch Blood On The Dance Floor's "Unforgiven" video, and check out exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage from the video.

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