Video Premiere: Camryn, ‘Now Or Never’

Meet Camryn...she knows One Direction!

Meet Camryn. We're gonna tell you all about her music and stuff (she kind of reminds us of a young Avril Lavigne!) but first, we just gotta blurt out what we've been wanting to blurt out this whole time: SHE'S TOURED WITH One Direction and she's about to do it again! Yes, Camryn has basically landed the hottest gig in music (aside from maybe Austin Mahone's opening gig for Taylor Swift?) and yes, she's rejoining the "Live While We're Young" singers on their world tour later this month. We know, IT'S MASSIVE.

Watch Camryn's "Now Or Never" video after the jump.

In addition to playing seven shows with One Direction on their "Up All Night" tour, Camryn's bumpin', '80s-esque new single "Now Or Never" has been named the #1 Most Added Independent Artist at Top 40 Radio (that's music biz slang for "wow"), she's already netted well over 1.6 million Facebook fans, and she was recently named one of Billboard's 'Bubbling Under' artists to watch. #OnHerGrind.

And now on to Camryn's brand-new "Now Or Never" video, which is basically just an excuse for us to watch Camryn jam out like crazy to her own song. But when have we ever been mad at that? (Never!) And did we mention that there's head banging in the video? Because there is, in case you were looking for one more reason to seriously dig on this girl. Also, she's OPENING FOR ONE DIRECTION. In case you weren't sufficiently floored the first time we brought it up.

Watch Camryn's "Now Or Never" video, and find out more about Camryn at

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