Video Premiere: Cloud Nothings, ‘Stay Useless’

Cloud Nothings dream of summer in their 'Stay Useless' video.

"I need time to stay useless," Cloud Nothings' Dylan Baldi announces in "Stay Useless," a track dedicated to hanging onto your youth -- and a serious summer vacation anthem. Don't sleep on this one: The animated video, directed by Jack Kubizne, follows a wintry ride to class that turns all "Magic School Bus" on us, zipping our hoodie'd hero and an action-figure pal to a sunny island full of surrealist television screens/wormholes and one angry monkey. It's very #LOST. Pretty sure the little dude just wanted to go home and watch "SpongeBob," but that's what you get for passing out in third period.

Watch Cloud Nothings' "Stay Useless" video after the jump.

Not that you'd ever drift off with "Stay Useless" in your Beats -- play the full-throttle track every morning and you may never have to go to Starbucks again. (Or you can do both and have enough energy to CONQUER THE WORLD/jitter to death.) The indie rockers' killer Attack on Memory dropped in January -- having thoroughly rocked America's faces off, Cloud Nothings are heading off to Europe next month, but you can relieve the power chords forever in their "Live in Boston" MTV Hive set. Is it June yet?

+ Watch Cloud Nothings' "Stay Useless" video.

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