Video Premiere: For The Foxes, ‘The Revolution’

For The Foxes are ready to start a revolution -- and we're joining them.

The New Jersey pop-punks For The Foxes are ready to start "The Revolution," turning up the volume in their new video, a Dave Brytus-directed studio session that rises from lullaby-hushed verses to a full-on scream-a-long Weezer-esque chorus.

Despite the politically charged title, singer Nick Dungo's got feelings on mind: "You're the type of girl who says you don't believe in God/ But you believed in me," he sings. Later, he gets all Woodstock on us: "We'll take off our clothes/ Put down our guns." Not a bad idea, but it'd mean drummer Danny Vassallo would have to lose his sweet cutoff vintage Metallica shirt. Months of thrifting, wasted! Speaking of losing, we’d be surprised if Dungo's still got his voice left after tearing through those choruses -– dude sounds like a flannel-wearing buzzsaw. We're going to send him some Earl Grey and honey, stat.

For The Foxes' debut EP is set to drop April 24 on Hopeless Records, home of All Time Low and Silverstein.

+ Watch For The Foxes' "The Revolution" video.

Photo credit: Mike Lambert

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