Video Premiere: Freelance Whales, ‘Spitting Image’

 Freelance Whales are marine biologists searching for spirits in their latest clip for "Spitting Image."

Indie-rock outfit Freelance Whales has a taste for adventure. They aren't afraid to explore a variety of different sounds via 10 billion different instruments on their second studio album, Diluvia, which dropped earlier this month, and in their latest video for "Spitting Image," the PUSH Artists demonstrate that they're perfectly willing to explore the seas for haunted spirits. (::Yawns:: Another day, another haunted sea creature expedition.) OK, we knew Freelance Whales liked to shake things up a bit, but we didn't exactly expect them to go all "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" on us. Props on their courage, though!

Watch Freelance Whales' "Spitting Image" video after the jump.

In the clip, we see the male members of Freelance Whales as marine biologists (the job we all wanted as kids so we could hang out with porpoises and Shamu) looking for a rumored specter that haunts the sea. In addition to taking the vocal lead, Doris Cellar also acts as the underwater spirit, giving the video a very "The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou" feel, but instead of red beanies and slow motion shots, there are...ocean ghosts. Before the night is through, the boys finally find something, but it may be more than they bargained for. But we suppose that's just the risk they take moonlighting as marine biologists! Call it an occupational hazard?

+ Watch Freelance Whales' "Spitting Image" video.

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