Video Premiere: Gossip, ‘Move In The Right Direction’

I'm wondering what would happen if I told Beth Ditto that Gossip's new video "Move In The Right Direction" reminds me of Deee-Lite's "Groove Is In The Heart." She's pretty feisty, so she should know I mean it in the best way possible -- sometimes all you want is a lady and her band dancing in front of a green screen. Also, fish eye lenses!

Watch Gossip's "Move In The Right Direction" video after the jump.

Gossip knows what viewers watching a catchy disco-tinged dance record require: narration! So when drummer Hannah Blilie takes her seat, the lyrics on the green screen let us know it's the "intro." Once Beth hits the stage, the lyrics sprawl across the background when her dancers join her to move in the right direction. It's all black and white until Beth jumps into a tiny red dress -- then BAM. That's how it's done, ladies. Cue a little flirty eye, some fish eye fun, and an adorable walk off during the "fade out," and check your face, you're smiling. Well, unless you watched guitarist Brace Paine the whole time. Someone get that dude an ice cream cone.

Gossip's A Joyful Noise is out now on Columbia.

+ Watch Gossip's "Move In The Right Direction" video.

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