Video Premiere: He Met Her, ‘Control’

Check out He Met Her's gorgeous video 'Control.'

In the stunning new  "Control" video by He Met Her, no surface is safe from the L.A.-based disco-pop duo's super-fierce sexiness. In the first few seconds we see Rocky Chance and Mowgli Moon (both freakishly beautiful, with the sort of flowing locks our wildest hair dreams are made of) pull up to a pink motel in a matching pink vintage car. Shortly thereafter, the two get real affectionate -- on the motel bed (with palm trees projected onto the wall behind the headboard), in the empty diner next door, and outside in a magical desert rainstorm that just makes their hair look all the more gorgeous.

Watch He Met Her's "Control" video after the jump.

The alluring duo describes their sound as "retro-electro with a twist of sexxx," and that's a promise they totally live up to. He Met Her's shiny, synthy sound is a cool contrast to the '50s-inspired styling in "Control" -- check out Mowgli's varsity jacket, and Rocky's swingy, full-skirted dress. But in the final seconds of the song, off of their Crime Novela debut EP, all whirlwind face-sucking and slow-mo caressing come to a halt as we see Rocky and Mowgli parked in front of the motel TV. While the two stare bored at the screen, looking miles away from each other, we just have to wonder: Was it all one big, sexy, pink-neon-soaked dream?

+ Watch He Met Her's "Control" video.

Photo credit: Eddie Chacon

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