Video Premiere: Kendra Morris, ‘If You Didn’t Go’

Kendra Morris gets real in the desert in her new video, 'If You Didn't Go.'

Is it a coincidence that the new desert-set video from singer-songwriter Kendra Morris is premiering right after Coachella season (or "'Chella," as the cool kids are apparently calling it now)? Possibly, but that doesn't change the fact that the New York native is serving desert realness in the clip for her single "If You Didn't Go," a gorgeously dissonant downtempo cut that's the perfect soundtrack for a sad, sun-dappled desert day.

Watch Kendra Morris' "If You Didn't Go" video after the jump.

Shot in washed-out yellows with the appealingly grimy backdrop of wind turbines, run-down motels, and vintage cars, the vid follows Kendra and her beau as they fight, make up, and generally look cooler than everyone else in denim-on-denim, expressions of apathetic bad-assery, and absurdly amazing hair. (Between Kendra's brown waves and the lustrous black mane sported by her man-friend, we're experiencing maj coiffure envy.) By the time a flower bush goes up in flames, we're seriously ready to cool down with an ice cold bev of some sort.

Haunting yet steamy (a tough combo to pull off), it's a video that makes us want to buy some turquoise jewelry and fight with our dude while this song plays mournfully in the background. Can that be arranged? Cool, thanks.

+ Watch Kendra Morris' "If You Didn't Go" video.

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