Video Premiere: Leah LaBelle, ‘Sexify’

In her new video "Sexify," Leah LaBelle is the best girlfriend (with the most ultimate closet) that you never had. Homegirl will get on the phone with you for hours on end telling you in explicit detail how to get your man back. And then she'll invite you over for pizza.

Watch Leah LaBelle's "Sexify" video after the jump.

The "American Idol" alum and one of Epic Records' newest signees takes us to church in her uptempo R&B joint "Sexify." In the Sarah Chatfield-directed clip (Lily Allen, Kelly Rowland), Leah gets ready for a girl's night in and calls up her brokenhearted friend to explain how she can win her ex over: "I got a whole bunch of ways/ To turn him on, girl/ He’ll come home, girl/ If you know what I mean." Then Jermaine Dupri, who plays the landlord, busts in on the party-for-one, yelling at Leah to turn her music down. She blows him off, continues rocking out and orders a pizza. The pizza delivery guy is played by Pharrell, and "Sexify" is suddenly my new favorite video. Funny how that works.

In the end, Leah's GFs come over (JoJo is one of them!) and they sit on the couch drinking some Qream Leah had laying around the house while they laugh and laugh at how dumb guys can be. We should also mention: The song's tight, and Leah's hair wins all hairstyles. Ever.

+ Watch Leah LaBelle's "Sexify" video.

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