Video Premiere: Lil Wayne Featuring Detail, ‘No Worries’ + MTV First: Lil Wayne Interview

Lil Wayne and Detail get seriously trippy in their latest clip for "No Worries."

Lil Wayne is a laid-back guy -- he has very little reason to be stressed. He is rarely seen wearing a shirt, he's supremely talented and super well paid, plus he spends most of his time rapping on all of his friends' singles. He's really got nothing to get worked up about. So it's no wonder he'd record a song called "No Worries," off of his forthcoming I Am Not A Human Being Part 2 album. And in true Weezy fashion, he proves just how few worries he has on a crazy trip inspired by the film "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas."

Watch Lil Wayne Featuring Detail's "No Worries" video and an MTV First interview with Lil Wayne after the jump.

At the start of the clip, Weezy (playing Johnny Depp's role in "Fear And Loathing") and his crew ride in a convertible from the barren desert into the crazy-what-happens-in-stays-in city of Las Vegas. There, Weezy gets OUT OF HIS MIND trippy, sees multicolored wild animals, exotic dancers, old ladies STRAIGHT UP fighting, and of course, partying. With LITERALLY any other person on Earth, the absolute chaos created by Lil Wayne and the Young Money crew would cause a migraine that no amount of medication could fix (and Weezy is familiar with such prescriptions). But somehow, Wayne stays even-keeled throughout the whole thing (and that's more than we can say for Johnny Depp's movie character). There are plenty of other factors that might contribute to Weezy's lack of worries, but we needn't mention them out loud. SHH, you're cool with us, Weezy.

Watch Lil Wayne Featuring Detail's "No Worries" video and the MTV First: Lil Wayne Interview.

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