Video Premiere: Linkin Park, ‘Burn It Down’

Linkin Park are going upbeat with 'Burn It Down.'

We're not sure when Linkin Park started listening to MGMT, but we're not gonna lie -- we're pretty into it. The band's "Burn It Down" hasn't jumped completely into hipster dance party territory, but with its sunny keyboard melody, the oft-aggro act sounds surprisingly, um, cheerful. Even when Linkin Park's hard rock side blasts in on the chorus, the track still sounds ready for dancing -- but it could probably handle a mosh pit, too. (As the owner of multiple cardigans, I'm not 100 percent sure.)

If you're worried Linkin Park's lightened up too much, the video, directed by the band's own Joe Hahn, is a darker, industrial offering, with trippy sci-fi special effects and a "Matrix"-y all-black wardrobe palette. When the visuals heat up, it's as the camera pans through still images of the band actually on fire -- not exactly a relaxing trip to Malibu. But the group can't hide the good vibes entirely: Please note Chester Bennington clapping along. Dude's having fun. As he should! Treat yo self, Linkin Park.

"Burn It Down" is the lead single from the band's much-anticipated Living Things, which will be burning up shelves when it drops on Warner Bros. June 26.

+ Watch Linkin Park's "Burn It Down" video, and watch the band's exclusive "MTV First" Q&A to find out more about the video and new album.

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