Video Premiere: Man Overboard, ‘Dead End Dreams’

Man Overboard are chasing their dead-end dreams one kickflip at a time.

If I could do being younger over again, I'd definitely do it as a somewhat teen-ish looking dude/skateboarder in a pop-punk band. Those guys have the best time! New Jersey-based fivesome Man Overboard proves it in their latest video, "Dead End Dreams," and it's giving us mad nostalgic New Found Glory vibes.

Inspired by Pennywise's "Same Old Story" video and directed by Rob Soucy, Man Overboard took to the streets of Philadelphia and Williamstown, N.J., to to sing-scream their song of rebellious melancholy: "How can I save the world/ Too busy trying to see a girl/ I'll be bold if I can /Figure out how old I am." In between shots of the band killing a house party we wish we were invited to, we follow behind a skater as he kickflips through the streets of Philly, reminding us to soak in our youth while we can. (Our knees could never land those ollies these days.)

Man Overboard might think they have "nothing to show" for their dead-end dreams, but they still ended up on Warped Tour this summer. Check 'em out in the States and when they join NFG, Less Than Jake and The Story So Far overseas this fall.

+ Watch Man Overboard's "Dead End Dreams" video after the jump.

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