Video Premiere: Motion City Soundtrack, ‘True Romance’

Motion City Soundtrack

Motion City Soundtrack's 'True Romance' video may blow your mind.

Y'all. We need to borrow your brains. We just watched Motion City Soundtrack's "True Romance" video three times in a row -- because we're slow on the uptake sometimes. It's kind of like "Inception," a movie that took us about three viewings to even partially begin to comprehend, but with guitars and tattoos and less gravitas and ego and overacting. We don't want to spoil the video's twist -- all we'll say is that singer Justin Pierre's mind is sharper than ours, as evidenced by the part in the video where he Jedi mind-tricks a bike. Also, you'd have to have mutant powers to write a song this catchy. With its shotgun-blast melody and needling guitars, it reminds us of our favorite late '90s songs. Please co-headline a show at the Troubadour with The Promise Ring already, dudes.

What we can reveal about the "True Romance" visuals: The video, directed by Jesse Cain, includes a sexy business lunch, a lady punk rocker in disguise, awkward walking (another hint!) and the worst coworker ever. Motion City Soundtrack's "Go" drops June 12 (ahem, TOMORROW) on Epitaph and the band's own Boombox Generation label -- you can stream the whole thing on the band's website, because they're generous men. MCS' summer tour is on now at a venue near you, Christopher Nolan not included.

+ Watch Motion City Soundtrack's "True Romance" video.

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